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Looking at the Lego merchandise in 2020, it is not difficult to see that if you use one word to summarize 2020, then “re-enactment” is more appropriate. More or less I saw a series of Lego products that caught the attention of Lego players in 2020. The shadows of old goods, the police station of the city series, the jungle exploration, and the coast rescue team are also the continuation of the old theme. 2020 D2C exclusive products include carousel, snowmobile, Millennium Falcon, and Taj Mahal, all of which are re-engraved products. The first three models are reinterpreted with new era technologies and methods to make up for the deficiencies of old players. Lego defines Ji Mahal more completely as “re-release”. Due to the rapid development of Lego in recent years, the themes of some classic products in the past will inevitably meet the needs of new players. Therefore, for players of different periods, everyone is eligible to have such a product. Therefore, in recent years, after the re-planning of the classics advocated by Lego, Lego products have gradually entered a new era of reincarnation.

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