How to Get a GPU

As you may know, the Nvidia RTX 30s GPUs are hard to get on the MSRP. If you are willing to pay some premium, I highly recommend you to check out StockX, a marketplace that helps buyers to verify products are legit and brand new.

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More sites to follow —
Zotac (Usually restock around 11 PM – 12 AM EST)
Amazon Nvidia Store

Interested in AMD? Check out AMD Store

Restock information on retailers:

  • Amazon: Radom, please follow our Latest GPU Restock Updates
  • Best Buy: Generally drops every 2.5 week, one on Tuesday then the other on Fri around 11 AM EST
  • BHPhotovideo: Random, mostly weekdays.
  • Newegg: Mon— Fri around 7 PM, 8PM or 9 PM EST. Follow the Newegg Twitter for restock information

Tricks from Youtube: