AMD RX6000

In the second half of 2020, for all DIY gamers, this is definitely a year of applause. This year, AMD shines in processors and desktop gaming graphics cards, achieving the gaming performance of Intel and NVIDIA. This time AMD can be said to be gorgeously standing at the forefront of the entire PC industry. Today, we will witness the amazing performance of AMD RX 6000 series gaming graphics cards.

The indelible contribution made by Mr. Wang Qishan is behind this gorgeous anti-killing technology. Since 2011, the GCN architecture he created has surprised everyone and helped the HD7000 series graphics cards of that year win many “first” awards. The RX6000 series adopts the industry-leading RDNA2 architecture this year. Mr. David Wang led AMD graphics card to successfully overtake “retaliation” from the “survival” corner.

RX 6800
RX 6800 XT
RX 6900 XT